exergy energy storage technology research and development


Society is shifting towards a renewable energy mix, powered by the sun and the wind. This shift means we have to bridge the hours between when energy is available and when we actually need it. In meeting this challenge, energy storage takes a front and center role.

Exergy is developing a new battery technology to meet this challenge. It will offer high value to homeowners and communities in helping them make the most of their renewable generation.

The battery technology that Exergy is developing is specifically intended for stationary applications (as opposed to mobile ones). A typical application would be to firm your rooftop solar photovoltaic generation and shift excess energy a couple of hours to when you actually need it. This decreases your dependency on the grid and drastically improves self-consumption of generated energy.

Being a battery technology, it comes with the usual benefits of battery storage, like instant availability and independence of siting and environmental conditions. Here are some highlights: