low-cost, ultra-safe battery energy storage

Exergy Storage is scaling up the next generation of energy storage: a novel battery technology based on abundant, low-cost materials, like rock salt, (recycled) aluminium and iron. It does away with the disadvantages of current battery technologies, as it is intrinsically safe and has a minimal environmental impact, without compromising on system energy density. The technology is easy to scale and fully recyclable and can be employed in large utility-scale systems as well as residential storage.


Residential and community​

For single households as well as larger communities, battery energy storage substantially improves the self-consumption of generated renewable electricity from approximately 30% to 70%. Our compact battery helps shift generation from PV solar panels and wind turbines to when the demand is actually there, for example in the evening long after the sun has set. The technology allows for thousands of deep cycles.

Industry and utilities

Exergy’s battery technology can be employed in containerized solutions. Their intrinsic safety, high energy capacity, modularity and low cost make them an excellent fit for utility-scale and industry applications, for example, next to large wind- and solar energy parks.
Batteries can also be used in hot and harsh environments without the need for cooling; saving energy in the process.

Off-grid and telecom​

The battery cells withstand harsh environmental conditions and have long cycle life, which makes them highly usable in remote locations, for example, to power telecom transmitter base stations, local mini-grids and other off-grid systems.

Waterway / marine transport​

The high energy and excellent safety performance of Exergy Storage battery cells makes them a candidate for the electrification of transport over rivers and coastal waterways, including barges and passenger transport.


Low cost

Our battery technology leverages some of the world’s most abundant materials. This lets us pursue the low costs needed to make energy storage an economically sound choice.

Safe and reliable

A future founded on sustainable energy should not come at the expense of personal safety. Safety has been a priority from the very start, resulting in a battery that is intrinsically safe.

Circular and recyclable

Built from environmentally benign materials that can be locally sourced, the storage devices are designed to be recyclable, enabling us to close the materials loop.


Our storage technology is designed with a round-trip efficiency target approaching 90%, so that as little energy as possible is lost during storage cycles.​


Based on established technologies with decade-plus lifetimes even under daily use, these batteries are built to last.


Modularity means the storage technology can be employed to support single homes and utility-scale systems, and that capacity can be upgraded when needed.

Meet our team

dr. Gert Jan Jongerden

Gert Jan founded Exergy Storage after an extensive career in the chemical industry as business manager for flexible solar PV development.

dr. Auke Talma

Auke Talma is a chemist with broad expertise. He also contributes to business development.

Jacques Jongerden MSc

Jacques contributes IT and electronics expertise as well as strategy support.


Ferdy Jongerden MSc

Ferdy is a mechanical engineer with expertise in cell-, process- and manufacturing technology.

Gerhard Jongerden BBA

Gerhard is our data analyst and business administrator. He has experience in developing analytical software and simulations.

Ben van Vulpen MSc

Ben’s international management experience includes high tech SME-corporate joint ventures. His primary focus is on Exergy’s strategy and risk.

ir. Gert Dubbeldam

Gert Dubbeldam is an expert physicist and now supports Exergy.


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