1 May 2024:

Exergy Storage is listed as one of the top 10 energy innovations in the region of Arnhem (Netherlands) by DNV Lifeport

Link: LinkedIn post M. de Kroon (Arnhem)

16 January 2024:

Sustainable battery for usage in residential and non-residential areas

The need and demand for affordable, safe and sustainable batteries continues to grow. Exergy Storage is testing an Exergy prototype home battery at the Green Village terrain (which is a fieldlab dedicated to testing innovative and sustainable products). Green Village’s article found in the link below gives a teaser of our prototype setup and the Exergy technology’s advantages.

Link article Green Village: https://www.thegreenvillage.org/project/exergy-storage/

11 May 2023:

Four innovative solutions for electricity grid congestion

Congestion on the electricity grid is a rising issue in the Netherlands. Innovation Quarter  describes four innovative solutions to tackle the congestion issues in their new article. Among the named solutions is the safe and sustainable Exergy Storage battery, which has been designed to be easily integrated before and behind the meter.

Link article Innovation Quarter: https://www.innovationquarter.nl/item/netcongestie/

23 March 2023:

Exergy Storage featured in EZK video

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy recently produced the following movie which highlights the battery technology development of Exergy Storage.

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Link article EZK: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/ministeries/ministerie-van-economische-zaken-en-klimaat/het-verhaal-van-ezk/weblogs/2023/de-duurzame-batterij-van-de-toekomst-wordt-in-nl-ontwikkeld

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